WE ARE SETH & TENIELLE & it's wonderful to meet you

We are photographers, intrepid adventurers & we've spent 18 wonderful laps around the sun together.

Our own home speaks of our adventures, the places we’ve been & the people we love. We’ve poured our hearts into hand-crafting jewelry and curating inimitable one-off pieces for your home & lifestyle, thoughtfully sourced from around the globe. Each piece have been lovingly made by the hands of artisans using time honored traditions, natural fibers, grasses & materials.

Our hope is these pieces spark joy as they adorn you, your homes & hearts, reminding you of all the adventures you've had and are yet to have.


We've lived in Australian cities, traditional villages in Botswana, Africa & now along the coast of San Diego, California. Our travels are one of our greatest joys & educations, instilling in us a deep appreciation for nature & the inherent beauty and diversity of culture.

When you make a purchase with us, you're not only supporting our little family, but by extent you're suporting the talented & humble artisans whose pieces we've curated to share with you. We hope you love having them in your home as much as we do!